Top Chronic Illness Books You Should Read

I've always looked to books for inspiration, information and community. This can be especially helpful when you have a chronic illness — adapting is hard and reading how others have found a way through can make a tremendous difference. In my new slideshow for HealthCentral, I have put together a collection of the best chronic illness books for you:

"Having a chronic illness adds a unique challenge and perspective to your life. Adapting to this and finding a way to live your life to the fullest requires support and information from many different places. Some of the best resources are books written by others who live with chronic illness. These authors provide information and inspiration that we can use to help with our own journey. Even better, they make us feel part of a community — rejoicing in the “me too” moments and sharing both tears and laughter. Here are some of the best chronic illness books to help you get started."

Find out what's on my list of top c…

Family Rheumatoid Arthritis Stories: A Help or a Hindrance?

Some people who have rheumatoid arthritis are the only ones in their family with the condition. In other families, autoimmune disease is everywhere. Can it be helpful to have family members with the same condition or can of getting away? My new article on HealthCentral takes a look at this issue:

"Due to the interactions between genetic predisposition and other factors, it’s not possible to predict who will have RA and who won’t. That said, one of the greatest risk factors for developing RA is having a family member with the condition.

First-degree relatives of someone with RA — parents, siblings, children — are approximately three times more likely to develop the condition. As well, if one identical twin has RA, the other is up to 15 percent more likely to develop RA. For fraternal twins, the risk is less than 4 percent.

The Human Genome Project has made it possible to study huge populations of genotypes and researchers expect that the genetic picture behind RA will become …

Loopy Case Review and Chronic Christmas Giveaway #3


Chronic Christmas Giveaway #2: Integrale Cutlery - WINNER

I should have these giveaways more often – I’m having a blast. What about you?
There was a lot of excitement about this week's prize, the beautiful adaptive Integrale cutlery. Thank you so much again to Heubl for donating a set to give away.
And the winner is….
Tony Kitchell, who left a comment on the blog saying "This cutlery would finally make it so that I won't have to wince in pain just to butter toast. I can eat without putting on splints."
Congratulations, Tony! Please email me at leneATyourlifewithraDOTcom to claim your prize.
Tune in tomorrow for Giveaway #3!

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Courage, They Cried: Life with Chronic Illness